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Dear fellow Rotarians

In this time of cascading crises, we all need a little uplift.  So, I’d like to introduce you to Rotarian filmmaker Arthur Kanegis and his new film “We Are One!” I found it an inspiring story!

The movie, which builds on his previous film “The World Is My Country,” recalls a time when out of an earlier crisis -- that killed 50 million -- a new hope for humanity was born: a Universal Declaration that everyone has Human Rights -- a European Union ending a century of war between its members -- and a world coming together to attempt to end the scourge of war.   


A key player in sparking that hope was Garry Davis, a Broadway song and dance man, who galvanized war-weary Europe with an audacious act of political theater.  His gutsy action evoked an extraordinary response from Eleanor Roosevelt – and sparked Albert Einstein, Albert Camus and over a million people into a mighty movement for a better world built on human rights for all.


Today the United Nations is calling for a worldwide conversation on “The Future We Want; The UN We Need.”  This film can play a vital role in that conversion - injecting a refreshing new way of looking at the world. 

Please watch it by going to



After you see it please fill out the survey and Arthur will let you know about “The World Is My Country Club”.  No, it’s not golf games on top of the world!  It’s weekly zoom meetings on how we build, what Garry called, a People Powered Planet.   

I’ve joined as a charter member -- and also enjoy the club it’s modeled after, the Rotary E-Club of World Peace.  It has weekly Zoom conferences with fascinating speakers.  See

Arthur is also available to speak to your Rotary Club via Zoom.  Here is talk he gave at the Rotary Peace Conference with some intriguing ideas about how we can, as World Citizens, truly connect the world: 

Enjoy these resources, share them with others, and join us in a conversation about how we as Rotarians can truly connect the world!

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