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Full 83 minute Feature Doc. Fundraising Screening Kit

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Fundraising Preview Screening Kit includes DVD, digital download, flyer, poster, banner, postcard, press release and sample blurbs.

The perfect way to attract and raise funds both for your organization and for the release of our film!


• DVD (Shipping is free to U.S.addresses) and Digital Download
The full movie with Fundraising Preview watermark in upper right.
• License for Unlimited fundraising previews in your community for a full year.

• Flyer
• Poster
• Banner
• Postcard
• Press Release
• Trailer and sample blurb for your website.

Live Skype or Zoom Q & A with the director can also be arraigned, but may incur an additional fee.

The FILM can be shown in Fundraising Previews only - non-broadcast, non-theatrical screenings at which a pitch is made for donations to our non-profit organization. In addition, audiences shall be invited to go to to buy T-Shirts and other products -- all of which will help Future Wave distribute the film to the public. In exchange for helping us raise funds, the local group can keep half the funds raised to aid their work for a better world.

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