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Hello Melanie,


As the world teeters on the brink of ecological disaster, nuclear war, tyranny and other threats to our very survival, is there a force that can save us?

We'll ask Soushiant Zanganehpour, one of the winners of the 1.7 million dollar prize for new ideas on better ways to run our planet.  He proposes harnessing new technologies to enable global governance through bottom-up deliberation.  Could we, the people, be the new superpower that can save us?



Join to hear about Soushiant's exciting plan!

Wednesday Sept 9th 10 AM Pacific (17:00 GMT)


Then on Sept. 16 we'll welcome David Hartsough who will talk about "A Force More Powerful" which has already brought down some of the most oppressive and well-armed dictatorships in the world!



David Hartsough is a Co-Founder of World BEYOND War, a global movement to end war - making it as illegal to kill people outside countries as it is inside!  He has been Waging Peace since meeting Martin Luther King at age 15 - from civil-rights sit-ins to blocking nuclear weapons plants at LIvermore Laboratory.  He's blocked trains carrying munitions to fuel Central American wars -- enforcing international law as laid out at Nuremberg. He's Waged Peace in some of the most dangerous and war-torn places on the planet -- including the Philippines, Iran, Kosovo and even the Soviet Union. I met him in 1980 when David, a fellow Quaker, led the San Francisco to Moscow peace march -- to end the cold war before it ended all of us!

Is People-Powered nonviolence the force more powerful that can save us? Join us and ask David questions:  Wednesday Sept 16th 10 AM Pacific (17:00 GMT)

On September 23 Robert Delaurentis -- who just flew his plane "Citizen of the World " from the South to the North pole in a record-breaking expedition -- will talk about unleashing another kind of power - the power to go up!  Up above the nations and colors that divide us into the power of world citizenship!  



"When another plane on my route mysteriously crashed, when a cyclone raged ahead, when my fuel tank spewed fuel into the cockpit, when I was about to touch down in the epicenter of the coronavirus -- I felt the fear arise, but each time I reminded myself of our mission of global peace and that all impossibly big dreams have risks to be considered and dealt with, and then I flew.

Rather than running from challenges, when uncertainty and difficult times show up, we revisit our ideals and support each other through them.  This is what we stand for.
This is who we are.  This is what we dream of for the world.

We are all stronger together.  As Citizens of the World for the World, we rededicate ourselves to our global community and our mission of “One Planet, One People, One Plane:  Oneness for Humanity.”

Wednesday Sept 23rd 10 AM Pacific (17:00 GMT)

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We ARE all in this together!




Arthur Kanegis

Director, The World Is My Country

The People-Powered Planet Podcast

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