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If you missed the discussion

after the live screening of

“The Day After” on August 6 CLICK HERE


Speaker Vicki Elson, who co-founded NuclearBan.US emailed later:

"I thought of one thing I wish I'd said to those whose loved ones are feeling despair: 


If you’re afraid of nuclear weapons, that’s not an irrational fear. If you don’t like to think about them, I don’t blame you. 


The way I personally deal with this reality is getting together with smart changemakers and finding out what I can do about it, and doing my best, and taking breaks too. We have some reasons to celebrate right now, and to be hopeful. 


But while some of us take comfort in taking action, it might be too much for some people who are really suffering. So I'd suggest, take whatever action feels most effective (contacting legislators!) but limit it to a minimal set time per day or week, and be super gentle with yourself the rest of the time! Or just support other people who are doing the work with donations, moral support, etc.


You're not crazy or wrong or weird for worrying, but your first priority has to be self-care. Take care of your own good heart.


A process: 

  1. Acknowledge the feelings you’re struggling with

  2. Know that you're not alone

  3. Just by paying attention, you're showing that you care and you want to make a difference

  4. List your strengths – are you resilient, compassionate, skillful, a good communicator?

  5. Do stuff (if you can)

  6. Do it in community

The last two lines are ICAN's secret ingredients."

More tips here: Dealing with Nuclear Anxiety


Recommended books

  • The Chalice and the Blade by Dr. Riane Eisler

  • Sleepwalking to Armageddon by Helen Caldicott


Recommended films

Cautionary vs. Visionary Tales -- We need both!


Recommended songs

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