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The good news in this time of pain is that the world is coming together in unprecedented ways to stop this virus.


When we emerge from this EMERGENCY will we go back to business as usual? Or will we EMERGE ‘N SEE that we are all on lifeboat Earth together?

What touches one touches us all.


Our CASCADING crises now transcend borders and so must our solutions.  

Here is something amazing: China’s pollution before and after the virus crisis:


Study: Coronavirus Lockdown Likely Saved 77,000 Lives In China Just By Reducing Pollution -- Forbes Magazine.


That’s over 20 times more people saved in China than were lost to the virus!


Around the world, the environment is showing signs of coming back into balance and the UN Secretary General has even called for a Global Ceasefire to end wars during the crisis!  Sign the petition here.


Wouldn’t it be great if this emergency propels us to find solutions to not only pandemics, but also the far greater threats of climate change and nuclear war? To finally turn back the doomsday clock in which atomic scientists show that humanity is teetering closer than ever to our own extinction?


To inspire us to imagine new solutions, Future WAVE is gifting you a preview screening of the exciting new film "The World is My Country" - FREE until April 30, 2020!


It's the movie that's getting people out of their doldrums. It's inspiring people with new hope. It's the intriguing story of how a song and dance man on Broadway turned his war guilt over bombing civilians -- in a war that had just killed over 50 million people -- into an electrifying action that galvanized war weary Europe and sparked a movement.  

trailer on emerge page

It was a mighty movement that helped pave the way for the unanimous passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and inspire the founders of the European Union -- which ended a century of wars between its member states!


Now this film can help inspire the people of the world to do something even grander. Just click on the red "STREAM NOW" button above and find the key to how we can come together to build a safe, secure and workable world.

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