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Rotary Collaboration

Watch Rotary International President Gordon McInally’s

inspiring talk

“Imagine a Future/Create Hope in the World!”


Rotary Mega-Meeting hosted by Rotary Clubs Online International Mega-Meetingco-hosted by Rotary E-Club of World Peace, Rotary Action Group for Peace, Rotary E-Club of Greater Nigeria and 30 other Rotary Clubs and

5 District Governors as shown in the video of the full mega-meeting.


Led by Ozuem Onyebolise Esiri of the Rotary E club of Greater Nigeria, the organizers attracted over 1000 Rotarians worldwide.


Rotarian Filmmaker Arthur Kanegis, Director of “The World Is My Country”  joined in welcoming Gordon McInally and spoke on

"Transcending Borders to Create Peace"


Dr. Ann Frisch, who speaks in our video RUSH, urged Rotarians to

“take action to follow the vision” of the Rotary Founder Paul Harris.


Our member Richard Denton, District 7010 District Governor and other fine Rotarians also spoke at the Mega-meeting. 

Entire Mega-Meeting on YouTube.

See Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta

on our People-Powered Planet Podcast!


He loved our film "The World is My Country" calling it an "amazing story!"* 

In honor of Gordon McInally's rousing call for peace we are making the film FREE to Rotarians and friends this month!


"The World is My Country"

was broadcast to 31 million USA homes

on satellite/cable and to

over 100 U.S. public television stations!

President Mehta

*Here is what Former Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta

said about 

The World is My Country

during our

People-Powered Planet Podcast:


I was absolutely bowled over by Garry Davis in that movie that you showed -- I loved it! Absolutely.  It was great.  And I always think when you have such crazy thoughts, people will first laugh at you. And when they laugh at you, you can be sure you are on the right path.

When Gandhi thought that he would make India independent, so many laughed at him.

To me, it ALL starts with a dream, with a vision. From a dream, when you chisel it with a vision, do you come out with a plan?  And that is when you spend your entire life just as Garry Davis did. You have a vision, and you want to fulfill that.  An amazing story it was!  

I think we need many, many, many such people in every part of the world, to be able to make a difference.

How often have these ideas resonated with so many of us. They would seem Utopian but here was a man who believed in his dreams and took it forward. Maybe he was far ahead of his times...but as John Lennon said in Imagine: 


Imagine there's no countries, It isn't hard to do; Nothing to kill or die for...

Imagine all the people living life in peace.

To watch our podcast with President Mehta


Arthur Kanegis is a Rotarian Filmmaker, member of district 5330, The Rotary E-Club of World Peace 


People are excited to imagine a world beyond the borders that divide us!

Bring the world this inspiring story -- and imagineer

a future that works for everyone!

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