Founded by World Citizen #1 Garry Davis in 1954, the World Service Authority® has issued almost 5 million World Passports, Birth Certificates, ID Cards, World Citizen Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Political Asylum Cards, and other human right documents mandated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).


These world documents are human rights tools for claiming your rights. With each document comes a copy of the UDHR so you can learn your rights especially

Articles 6 &13.


Border guards and immigration officers from over 90% of all nations have placed entry, exit and visa stamps in the World Passport. (see


Never-the-less, the World Passport, like any passport, is not an assured travel document.  Acceptance is arbitrary; one border guard may accept it, and another from the same country may deny it – just as they deny entry to holders of national passports. 


When you carry the world passport… It is possible that your rights could be violated.  You could be harassed, you could be detained. Even your passport could be confiscated.  That is why the World Service Authority has a Legal Advocacy Department that will review your report of those violations and demand redress on your behalf.


To apply for your own world documents and identify yourself as a citizen of the world, please click here.

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