Reactions at the Film Festival Premiere


‘The World is My Country’ expertly tells the story of the inspired and inspiring Garry Davis. The film is thoroughly absorbing - both thoughtful and entertaining in its approach.  Thank you, Arthur, for your unflagging determination to bring this important slice of history to the public’s attention." 

                                                --Susan Smoluchowski, Executive Director, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

“Each year we cull through 1,500 films submitted to our festival and balance those against another 500 recommendations from our sources around the world.  As we debate the final selection of 150 features for our festival, each of our 10 programmers has at least one film that he or she will fight for.  This year, “The World is My Country” was mine.”

                                                --Craig Rice, Lead Programmer, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

Bill Ury

after the work-in-progress screening

William L. Ury co-founded Harvard's Program on Negotiation and is an author of Getting to Yes

More reactions!

“An absolutely mesmerizing film, love it. ...  Between Martin Sheen and the amazing Garry Davis we are entering a world of true pioneers and leaders. A great treat.”  

                                                     --Meira Blaustein, Co-Founder / Executive Director  WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL


“A must see for anyone who believes in personal freedom” 

                                                     --Rowland Perkins, Founding President, CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY


“Radically inspiring. Pure Magic. Best Documentary hands down!”   

                                                     --Alan Clements “The Voice of Hope”


“Elegant and delicious storytelling!   A riveting heroic tale with resonance for our time:  a troubled war veteran using his thespian skills in a nonviolent battle to save his soul, the planet, and all humanity.”

                                                     -- Mimi Kennedy, ACTOR  "Mom", “Midnight in Paris,” “Dharma & Greg,” "Erin Brockovich"


“I am absolutely speechless!  This is not only an amazing film ... the message MUST be heard!” 

                                                     --Polina Hryn, KUSH FINE ART


“A true blockbuster for the human spirit!  It has a profound global resonance, for our times… the world needs this story!” –                                                           --Kerry Wright, EDUCATOR & HUMANITARIAN 

Brilliant!  What an engaging film about an incredible pioneer.”

                                                     -- Michael Knox (US PEACE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION)


"It’s unique and quite special! I say that as a tough critic  – I watch hundreds of submitted films each season, and this documentary is outstanding. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. As each new situation unfolded I found myself saying, "wow!" I found the story inspiring & entertaining, the direction & production values are very good & it has very fine editing. At the end of the film I just had to rush online to order my own world passport.  This film can inspire us all to join together to build a better world." 

                                                     --Elizabeth English, founder MOONDANCE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL