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Thank you for answering our survey question:

"How did you feel after seeing the film?


Awesome!  What a great idea!  It could really work.

Buoyant with hope and very awed!

Congrats for making the movie and keeping alive the dream of one man because it's the true dream of every human being.


Deeply moved.

Delighted that my mom named me Gary Davis in 1949, when Garry was in the headlines.

 --Gary Davis


Delighted to learn about Garry and his work.

Delighted, motivated,  worldly.

 --Rick Bishop

Determined to continue with progressive campaigning



Ebullient, empowered and elated.

Elated by the potential to build a foundation for world peace. Educated about an untold story of a war resister in 1948 who really made an impact on the effort to create a more peaceful world. 

  --Todd Dell

Elated because it teaches how all of us can live in truth, freedom and

solidarity, creating the peace we all want!  Garry Davis was a very

unassuming man of peace yet brilliant in his clarity of thought and decisive actions.


Elated energized grateful Wondrous




 --Marc Hoberman


Empowered, knowledge is power. Knowing one's history and understanding that you are not alone creates solidarity across borders. #knownoborders #Iamaworldcitizen


Empowered, optimistic, energized. It is what I have been dreaming of.

Empowered. !!!  My intentions are just a drop in the world citizen ocean. We are one!!!

 --Jennifer Allard


 --Margaret Flanagan


Encouraged again to act and HOPEFUL that change is possible, for a change.

Encouraged and full of hope as an 81 year old woman!

 --Carole Whitten


Encouraged and uplifted


Encouraged that more and more of us are taking the responsibility to create

a better world to live in!

Encouraged, interested, questioning, hopeful, skeptical, assured--too many feelings to get my mind around.

Energized activist revolutionary

 --Michael Walsh 

Enlightened and inspired.


 --Milo Naranjo

Enthusiastically Impotent, like seeing a Solution too Fundamental to be Realistic.


Enthusiastic! Art Kanegis' film will help save civilization. 


Enthusiastic for a world without war.


 --Yosi McIntire

Excited and curious about how to become a world citizen


Excited and hopeful!

 --Jane Peck

Excited, energized



Excellent! Very inspiring!


Excited and hopeful - what one person can start - and everyone can join.


Excited and inspired for change. 

Excited, energized

Exhilirated. I have passed on the website to many others, and tonight talked about it at a meditation group. I've also had a conversation with David Gallup, and will be sending in my application for a World Citizen passport. The story of Garry Davis needs to be shared. The time is right.



Exhilarated that a concrete advance has already been made toward a world I've longed for.

Exhilarated -- so glad to find a whole community of like-minded people!

  --Sue Blythe



Expertly researched film. Fabulous archival footage. I am deeply impressed and amazed. I will broadcast the availability of the film widely among my students and networks. Thank you for making the film available for free during this huge global health emergency. You have lifted my spirits and your work will inspire so many.

  --Barbara Wien

Filled with hope for the future.
I am encouraged to promote the idea of world cooperation as an imperative value to be inculcated in all people

 --Jacob Zivotofsky  

Fabulous, uplifted, .hopeful, :-), inspired.


First planethood, then universehood

Full of hope...enough of negativity...dream and create...move forward...


Full of real hope. 



Garry's story is truly interesting, inspiring, and instructive. He points

the way to our common future, if we are to have a future.


Garry's World Citizen vision is the kind of sublime audacity the world needs right now.

Garry's work was powerful and still with us, much needing our efforts to help it mature.


Get me a world passport!



Good.  Hopeful.

Good to be in the company of like-minded people :-)


Good to know about such an enlightened and wonderful man and his vision.


Good to see I'm not alone.
Garry spent much of his life to make a needed difference in the world. Most wouldn't stay persistent and focused.

 --John Steel

Grateful, amazed, hopeful, overwhelmed, encouraged.

Grateful for the film, and for Garry Davis's vision and follow-through.

 --Ellen Thomas

Grateful, hopeful....


Grateful. It's good to know I'm not alone.



Great desire to live in the dream come true of world citizenry.


Great happiness and hopeful


Great, it reminded me of my youth! I used to think like that, and now I am tired.

I am glad you started that movement and I will participate.


Great! Hopeful!


Great. I identify with it.

Great!  Inspired! Hopeful!

Happier and more hopeful knowing I’m not the only one.


 --Patrick OFlaherty

Happy and hopeful. This is a very uplifting film, so needed today. I have the greatest admiration for Garry Davis, and a desire to be a world citizen, too.

 --Rosemarie Pace

Happy to be introduced to a group of people who are world citizens, recognize that borders separate us at a time when we need to work together and when many of us increasingly recognize we are interconnected.

 --Sala Sweet

Happy to be reminded of Garry Davis' original gesture.

Happy. hopeful.

Happy, joyful, inspired, hopeful. I want to be a part of spreading the news of the message behind this documentary and spread encourage others to become world citizens.

Happy that I belong to the same humanity as Garry Davis, et al.

Happy there are others who feel similarly as I do.

Having long used "Humanity is my Family" as my email signature, this definitely resonated!


Hope and options!



 --Donna Lawson

Hopeful and encouraged!

 --Cynthia McCorkle

Hopeful & inspired...

 --Jenny Marsden


Hopeful and interested in learning more as a real possibility and

movement for world peace. Raised tri-culturally, global

citizenship has always been in my heart. It's good to know there is

this practical and official way to recognize many peoples' globally shared identity

and quest for peace.

Hopeful and uplifted

Hopeful. A very thought-provoking film.

Hopeful, energized, & sad!


Hopeful, excited

 --Elizabeth Gambaccini

Hopeful for a better world.

Hopeful for our world

Hopeful for the future.


Hopeful I have always felt like a world citizen It can

be such a beautiful world to live in.

Hopeful. I think it's time now.  The world has become smaller and smaller over the last 500 years.

Hopeful.  Inspired

 --Solomon Sikirdji


Hopeful, inspired, joyous! I've shared it with others who say it’s very uplifting! 

Hopeful - Invigorated - A new mindset is growing and evolving in humanity. We the people - each one of us has the universal right to live in the Culture of Peace. To make this a realty above the cult of war and violence we must engage government to build infrastructure and ministries of peace - and support this through just laws, demilitarisation and funding early peace education. 

 --Georgina Galanis 

Hopeful. I wish this project will get bigger.


Hopeful, teary, excited, empowered, challenged

Hopeful that more and more individuals can feel that we are all one people.

Hopeful that such a movement has started. Hope it grows and

makes a positive difference in the world.

Hopeful that there is a solution to end war.

Hopeful that this can go viral and become a huge, global grassroots organization with "teeth"

Hopeful to one day be free


hopeful. with many questions, excited to learn much more.


I am a world citizen and my country is the world!"


I am an activist and have not seen much change in the society, but am hopeful.


I am encouraged that there has already been so much done that I

was unaware of, that recognizes our world's one-ness in a hopeful,

courageous way. Learning how to give shape to what

we want and know to be true already just makes sense.


I am extremely impressed with Garry's story. I would like to thank all producers.

Let's try our best to make the whole world truly belong to all human beings.


I am ready to do it: be peaceful to everybody and to be the world citizen which means to look for common shared values as humans far from treating each other on any kind of boundary


I am very hopeful that world peace is possible in my lifetime.

I feel empowered to fight for international law and to stand up and say

the majority of humanity is against war, nuclear weapons, and corporate exploitation.  Let’s stop it now!

I cried, was so deeply moved. When I saw the city Of Munich, Germany, bombed to threats at age 7, I promised to work as a grown up so this never would happen again. Later I worked for 23 years for the UN, but eventually resigned realizing it had nothing to do with my dreams of a peaceful world. I became a midwife to help bring about peaceful and loving beginnings in sacred Home Birth. Your film touched me deeply. Whenever asked what nationality I am, I have always said citizen of Mothers Earth, as I have always considered my German Passport like a plane ticket which had nothing to do with me, just a necessary piece of paper.
And your film showed me I am not alone or crazy (like some people affectionately like to think of me). Thank you so much!

I felt excited! My husband watched it with me. He felt "This is the beginning of a serious movement!"


I felt happy - I loved the message Garry Davis provided!


I felt hopeful and inspired after seeing this remarkable film!

I felt hopeful.  I always considered myself a citizen of the world and now I can become an official one...

 --Madeline Labriola

I felt I am in charge of making good for the world. Everything I do is for the world and not just for my nation.

I felt inspired and grateful to be a World Citizen. Garry Davis ran for US President on the World Citizen ticket in 1988 and I was his Vice Presidential running mate. I wish it was twice as long! Great movie. Congratulations Arthur and Melanie!

I felt inspired because Garry Davis was  a person who never gave up his dream.

I felt like -- where have I been when all this 'history' was happening?

I felt moved and inspired to ask questions and find out more. 

I felt over awed by this man's bravery, compassion and understanding of the human condition. It was an honour to listen to this movie.

 --Andrew Lewis

I felt uplifted, encouraged, re-energized.

empowered, like I could actually be FREE!!

I felt very motivated about accomplishing my own goals. I thought it was so amazing how one man was able to create an organization that actually lets people use world passports.

I forwarded the news to many friends and families


I had not heard of Gary Davis or the movement he started until viewing this film. The approach the film maker took to explaining Garry Davis' story and the importance of the social movement he started was informative and entertaining. What Garry Davis was trying to do is even more important today as the world arms race rapidly escalates. The film is a great spring board for discussions on strategies for reducing the arms race and ending the use of war to resolve conflicts.

  --Jack Friedlander

I loved the movie at the Mpls St.Paul film festival

A powerful story! A story of power! Delightful to see and very inspiring!  

Thank you for your work and for living your values. 

I plan to apply for and travel on the World Passport as a legal means of non-participation in the obsolete nation-state system and to exercise my human rights in solidarity with every stateless individual on Earth. Thank you Garry Davis and World Service Authority.

I think it was great how you kept such a heavy subject light

by presenting Garry as the 'song and dance' man he was true to till the end.

I think using animation and having Martin Sheen introduce the production

kept it entertaining, non-stodgy and honest.

I want a world passport


I want to be a World Citizen.


I want to be and am a world citizen, but I'm also a citizen of Cincinnati, Ohio,

the United States of America, a world parliament, and a democratic world federation.


I want to be part of the movement.


I want to become a citizen of the world


I want to get a World Citizen Passport

and work for peace

I was deeply moved by Garry Davis' story, and how he walked his talk.  His words and actions were inspiring, and I now have a list of things I want to look into.  Thank you.


I was ready to join the world Citizens movement and I loved being the finale and welcoming Garry and you both to my home​.  (Barbara Muller)

I was surprised. I knew it had happened, I learned about this in Political Science but I had forgotten. It's an important part of World History that needs more attention. (Marie Rivard)

I wish I had known about Garry's story earlier--what a beautiful human being he was!


I wish I had known about the World Service Authority years ago!


I've been looking for this a long time I called myself "citizen of earth"


Impressed, hopeful and curious

Informed about certain things I was not aware of.



 --Grant Smith (JEDI)

Inspired and empowered

Inspired and hopeful



Inspired and hopeful about world unity and the elimination of war


Inspired and hopeful that Peace might be possible.

inspired and hopeful! I knew nothing of this man's journey, but I have

felt the need to end separation on a global level for a very long time.


Inspired and less isolated

Inspired and Motivated

Inspired and optimistic

 --Imti Choonara


Inspired and peaceful

Inspired and re-energized

Inspired. And sad to find Garry and then find out he had passed.

What an extraordinary man.


Inspired and upbeat


Inspired and wishing to do

something for our planet and world peace

Inspired by the truth of Unity Consciousness (Christine Glenn)


Inspired-brought back many pleasant memories.

Inspired by all the love and work that has gone into the

making of this film, BRAVO!

  --Tom Saxe

Inspired by the possibilities.


Inspired that one "ordinary" person can do so much.

Inspired to make my human citizenship a world citizenship.


Inspired to work for peace and love

Inspired, hopeful, energized


Inspired, I can choose our world as my home

Inspired - I'm going to get a world passport!


Inspired, my own thoughts of World Citizenship have already been realized

by other people around the world.


Inspired, regretful that I hadn't heard about World citizenship existing

as an organization and Garry Davis before.

Inspired to continue rising above the blinkered vision of nationalism


Inspired to seek world passport


Inspired! humbled. moved.


Interested, inspired, moved to become a World Citizen




It felt wonderful to watch. I consider myself a world citizen. This really
spoke to me.

 --Gwen Wilson 

It gives me hope and encouragement to continue my fight against the

lawless corporate Nation States we are forced to live in today!

It gives me hope for the world, and celebrates stepping bravely into a borderless world.

 --Ann Frisch

It's an amazing and inspiring film! Arthur Kanegis has captured the life story of Garry Davis and unearthed some rare archival footage which authenticates this unbelievable story. Garry is gone now but his work carries on and still has the potential to change the world!

 --Scott Stephens

It's inspirational. Everyone should see this film.

It was good to see Garry in a film. I talked to him on the phone once, and was impressed so I became a world citizen.


It was inspiring that there is such an abundance of activism.


It was interesting to get all of Garry Davis's life story. I'd heard of him

and his World Citizen idea for many years, and had my own idea even

before that one should think of oneself as a member of the world,

not just a small regional part of it. Hearing the story from him

personally was impressive and really a historical treasure. 

It was touching to learn about the dedication, hardships and progress of Gary and his idea.


I was surprised. I knew it had happened, I learned about this in Political Science but I had forgotten. It's an important part of World History that needs more attention. (Marie Rivard)

It was touching to learn about the dedication, hardships and progress of Gary and his idea. (Nina)



Joyful homecoming


Joyous and Hopeful


Like a citizen of the world! Citizens of the world Awake and Unite! We are peaceful and humane, each one a leader, each one a country in our world.

 --Denise Leitzel 


Like I belonged

Like I found an essential part. I have called myself a citizen of the third planet for many years ignorant of citizen 1

 --John Tyler

Like I was less alone

 --Mark Sabatino

Like I wish I had followed my passion to teach Karma farming and now envision a fully solar powered glass blowing studio.
Also, I love docs. There's one where a Pacific Islander renovates a movie theater and excites the community for movie night. I imagine myself also doing this while traveling the USA, inflating a large screen and viewing movies like this one on summer grass in town squares. 

 --Kyle Bekkerus


More hopeful, and wondering again why my classes in history were incomplete!


Moved, inspired by Garry's vision, hopeful, encouraged, motivated to more action.

Moved, optimistic, wanting to be a similar spiritually-based agent of social change.

 --Winslow Myers


Mr Garry Davis is an amazing person, watching him telling his own story was moving.  He is a reference since he was and he is still ahead of all of us

humanly and socially speaking, he shows us the way for living peacefully together, We the «earthlings».


Much better to see people without borders, separation causes animosity

and this film gave me hope and a positive path.

My wish is that every young person will be able to watch this, preferably in a group, and then be able to dialogue about what this means to their individual and collective future.

Natural Joy. Relaxed. Heart full. Grateful. 



New thoughts about humanity and its possible power.

Nostalgic (former World Federalist; joined in 1966)


Optimistic about Unity consciousness

Overwhelmed and joyous!

 --Metta Spencer

Peace and love
My brain!!! It's changed!


Positive, Hopeful, --with desire to keep working to achieve Garry's,

also my goal: to be a true world citizen


Positive, like if we stick together change can happen.


Ready to get my world citizen passport.

 --Michael Caruso


Ready to take action


Rejuvenated  (I am in my 90th year)



Sad that we are not already living together as one on our small planet.


Sense of wonder.  How its been kept from the media and our day to day knowledge?

 --Eyal Naor

Stirred and confounded: with 72 years of my own modest activism behind me, I've been exposed to a plethora of astute ideas and involved in

organizations focused on localand world community, as well

as on saving our planet and ourselves from ourselves, as it were.

The inescapable despair of currently living in a 'worst of times' epoch

and my concerns about the survival and fate of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (a rainbow crew who hail from six different countries and cultures, thus a mini-embodiment of Garry's vision) color every scrap of world news I'm exposed to these days. I hope this film re-boots Garry's legacy (which also harks back to World Federalism in my mind), accelerates his program and helps lead us away from the insane path we're following at present.




Tapped into my natural tenderness; hopeful and energized




Tears of joy and hope



That I agree with the idea/ideal! It makes more sense than the way it has been! This may really be a path forward with equity, our humanity and hope for our global health and wellbeing.   Thank you!  I declare myself a World Citizen!


That I am a citizen of the world and support this!


That I should continue to work for human rights and that there are others

who believe in this as well


That the light of peace is shining


The film is a testament to deepest truth of our true connections to each

other as citizen of one planet.


The film made me Happy and sad but also inspired

to bring the planet whole

The producer Arthur Kanegis obviously has both a personal and an emotional connection to the movie making this a fine demonstration of translating the creative vision to the people in this inspiring movie. 

  --Lee Benton


The same shame of the U.S. that I felt as a Field Medical

Technician during my second tour in Vietnam.


This film gives evidence of people

living with human rights without walls between countries dividing and

conquering in wars to establish power and not care and love.


This is a great documentary which should be shown as widely as possible,

especially to young people. It shows what the vision, courage and determination

of one individual can accomplish, against all the odds. Dreams can come true!

The rich historic footage greatly adds to the appeal of this wonderful film.

This is a piece of history that should be in every history book. It is a movement

that should that should be beyond all movements. It addresses the painful separation that plagues us all on the personal to the global level.

It celebrates the solution of one people, one one heart, one world. Who wouldn't feel joyful?

This was a beautiful and inspiring story of a wonderful man. I'm amazed that I hadn't heard about him before!  What one person can do when they have

depth of integrity and a free and loving heart is so beautiful and gives hope for

our transition into a more Golden time. What an amazing Seeker of the Truth. i am Very grateful for his and your offering of Love.


Thoughtful, inspired

United we can all put a stop to wars, so that our children\grandchildren can enjoy living in a Peaceful world.


 --Mary Grushka

Uplifted and challenged to join.

Uplifted and inspired by a movement that began before I was born and was NEVER mentioned in any of my studies or textbooks in school as a young child and/or university studies in the United States. For example, the information about the wording and the rights defined in the Ninth Amendment was enlightening to learn about. I never knew this before!

Uplifted and upbeat, before learning of World Citizen, I've identified myself as a Global Citizen.

Uplifted, hopeful for a more humane, caring, enlightened world-wide future, a realistic dream if those believing in the real possibility of that actually happening take action! has been shown, since Bible times and throughout history, that one person may make the difference!...Garry Davis was motivated by following his conscience, look what happened!..he had the nerve, "chutzpah" to stand up to the so-called powerful forces of authority...

  --Michael Goldberg


Uplifted, joyous, hopeful and inspired to get another passport, the next level.

Admiring Davis for his courage and dedication


Uplifted, like I found my way home!

Very eye-opening. Loved the comprehensive historical context, very grounding. Loved the clarity with which the true nature and intent of Garry Davis is conveyed. An amazing human being that I had never heard of.

This is an inspiring movie and idea that I want to share. 


Very happy, I believe the passport (pass-a-port) is a tool to travel. We need to dismantle the citizenship and nationality as linked terms


Very hopeful that we can do something to
stop wars


Very inspired!


Very inspired. I am validated.

Very motivated to be a part of this important mission.


Very positive and connected to all others in the world.

Very thankful and more hopeful that world peace could be possible.

Very touched. Garry Davis devoted his life to the cause of peace. I think that as long as we think of ourselves as members of a particular national entity, true, positive peace will be unattainable. We must learn to cooperate for the good of all people on the planet, rather than competing for resources and power. Otherwise humanity's fate may be grim.

 --Yale Jones

Want to become a world citizen

We are all children of this planet, and need to love & respect each other & 1 on 1 & community  to community  

 --Ron Mccart


Well I know I have ingested something meaningful because I was tearful.

What an excellent film about a very courageous and inspiring person, not afraid of taking risks, while having a vision of a world government built upon the foundations of human rights.


Why don't more people advocate against war? Everyone should take the time to see this film. 

  --Eric Unger


Wonderful emotions crossing my mind. Best feelings of the brotherhood of the human being. With a lot of wishes to share it everyone and everywhere.

World Peace is possible.





Your film has great importance. It could be one of the catalysts in the movement to unify the world!

  --Scott Stephens