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for your support of the film!

Immense appreciation to the following Individuals!


Charlotte Perret


Robin Lloyd



Nuri Ronaghy & Alan Shorb --This movie shows how anyone can be powerful and have an impact in the world.  We were deeply inspired and learned a lot from the film!


Michelle & Bill Pohlad


Christopher Lloyd


Arsenault Family Foundation


Al & Nancy Jubitz --The sooner we realize that borders create conflict and that people don't want to be restricted from free movement, the sooner we will achieve world peace. 


Wayne & Lauralee Bennett


Yale Jones


Randy Kish


Judith Muller


Beverly and Phillip Bennett --Your ongoing efforts to spread Garry’s message that the world is one gives us hope in a future for our planet and its creatures.


Jane Shevtsov


Joanne Dufour


Judith Flanders


Bert van den Brink    

  University College Roosevelt

Debbie --So glad I found you guys and thx for your struggles!

Diana Downey -- We Can!

Daniel L.


Dorothy Lynn Brooks -- What the world needs!  Thank you for this amazing film.

Gail Hughes --The path to world peace is for there to be a critical mass of people who think of themselves as world citizens.


GreenHearted -- No more wondering "What can I do?" The answer is simple. Become a world citizen! The world is our country.


Jean E. Stevens -- Best wishes with your creative efforts for world peace.

Larry Johnson -- This is an extremely important story

Laura Bernstein -- Just watched the whole film--loved it!  It's such a testament to the unity of life, the reality of One Human Family, and the difference  that one passionate, committed person can make!

Lawrence Wittner -- No one should miss this lively and inspiring film!  


Marian & Glenn Head -- The Earth is our home. We ARE global citizens!           


Michael Plewa -- We are One

Mike McDonald -- Great story, let’s get it out there!

Nick -- The union of compassionate intention and wise actions will protect us from hatred, greed and war. Thank you.

Peter van den Dungen -- Great peacemaker, wonderful film!

Dr. Richard Denton -- Excellent film

Rtn Dashan -- All the best


Yvette -- We ARE all ONE


Heartfelt gratitude to the following Organizations!


In memory of Lynn Elling, World Citizen

In memory of Joseph Schwartzberg, Workable World Trust


Dick Bernard, A Million Copies

Citizens for Global Solutions, San Diego & Minnesota Chapters

Chris Hamer, Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance

On to the finish line!

Steiner-King Foundation

More thank yous and production credits in the film!

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