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is flying from the North to South Pole!

November 1, 2019 

Record-breaking pilot Robert DeLaurentis is making an Epic flight and he is taking us with him! 

Our logo is on his Citizen of the World plane and you can keep up with his trailblazing journey at:


"The poles are the only places on the planet where peace exists today". Robert says.  "All the member countries of the Antarctic Treaty cooperate together because it’s in their best interest. Our flight will join the south and north poles, and in doing that, we are hoping to join everyone in between in our message of global peace."


"As pilots, we have a responsibility beyond flying. We become ambassadors every time we go anywhere in the world. Everyone has had the dream of flying sometime in their lives, so seeing someone out there in the world flying a small airplane is a great way to share the message, which is One Planet, One People, One Plane – the Oneness of Humanity.”


For the pole-to-pole flight, DeLaurentis and his team have christened their Turbine Commander 900 the Citizen of the World. “I am hoping to show all the people in the 20-plus countries along our route that we are all citizens of the world,” he said.


“The airplane is a fantastic billboard for our message. Airplanes don’t know boundaries. They just fly. An airplane is the ultimate demonstration of the oneness of our world.”

Full story by DALE SMITH of Avionics News • December 2018

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