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Jordan, Rlee, Arthur, Melanie & Marc

     Left to right:  Jordan Byrne, RLee Garay Roberts, Arthur Kanegis, Melanie N. Bennett, Marc Hughes at at the Woodstock Film Festival

ARTHUR KANEGIS is President of Future WAVE, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to shifting our culture of violence to a culture of peace.  


He is the Director/Producer of "The World Is My Country" about the amazing adventures of World Citizen # 1 Garry Davis.   


He also wrote an award-winning screenplay for a narrative feature about Garry.

Before that, Kanegis produced "War Without Winners" narrated by Paul Newman and filmed by Haskell Wexler - a compelling TV documentary on the nuclear war issue.


For the 1983 ABC TV special "The Day After", Kanegis researched nuclear war bomb-damage effects at different distances from the epi-center so the production crew could accurately design the sets.  He also produced a PSA with Paul Newman that ABC affiliates ran immediately after the show.   The show had the largest TV audience of any made-for-TV ever -- over 100 million in the US and over 200 million in Soviet Union.   Ronald Reagan credits it with convincing him that nuclear war was unwinnable, leading to his negotiating and signing arms-limitation agreements with the Soviet Union.


Arthur started his career with the American Friends Service Committee where he co-produced "The Automated Airwar'  "The Post-War War" and other materials that were effectively used in the movement to end the Vietnam War.


Arthur has also been a radio host, journalist  and visionary writer --  on a lifelong mission to use the power of film to help inspire the world toward a peaceful and positive future.

MELANIE N. BENNETT - Producer/Associate Producer/Production Manager/Cinematographer

Melanie has been instrumental to the production of “The World Is My Country” since inception -- from setting up locations, managing shoots and supervising crew to all aspects of post-production including doing the offline editing.  She created our website for the film and co-produces our People-Powered Planet Podcast. 


Melanie was an Associate Producer on the short film "One! The Garry Davis Story" and contributed to the screenplay for the feature film about Garry Davis.  She has filmed Garry Davis, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Moore and edited several shorts as well as the documentary, "Passport to India".


Previously she was key in bringing back to the festival circuit (2005-2006) the 1969 power-of-the-people cult classic "Captain Milkshake".  Screenings included the Vienna International Film Festival, the International Film Festival of Rotterdam -- as well as for the Laemmle Theatres in West Hollywood and Pasadena.  She was also the Production Manager at One Productions.

Her passion is to inspire action -- no matter how small -- from each of us to safeguard this precious planet for future generations.

JORDAN BYRNE - Editor/Post-Production Supervisor 

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Jordan is an editor, producer, and director working in film, video and television production and post-production.  His TV editing credits include work for the E!, G4, Style Networks, and he recently served as a producer for the horror feature "House of Demons",


He formerly served as the Executive Program Director and post-production consultant for The Institute for Cinema Studies, founded by late Academy Award Winning Cinematographer Haskell Wexler.  Jordan also enjoys lending his technical and performance skills to volunteer work, and has done so for several LA-based non-profit organizations, including 826LA and the Heritage Square Museum.


Jordan also works as an actor for film, stage, animation, video games, and mobile apps.

RLEE GARAY ROBERTS - Art Director/Animation & Special Effects Designer

RLee has been producing graphic and media work since 1989, with current emphasis on digital and film productions.


He formerly served as the Branch Resources Officer at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and has an extensive background in Public Administration and non-profit Arts Management.


RLee is also an artist with multiple exhibitions and showings to his credit.  He continues to paint and sculpt using new technologies to further his interactive experiences.


RLee also champions many NGO’s, specifically non-profit children’s and educational organizations, while continuing to support artists and art organizations worldwide.

MARC HUGHES - Illustrator

Marc is an illustrator, cartoonist, designer and teacher who has been cartooning Garry for over a quarter of a century - published in Garry's World Citizen News and compiled into a booklet by the World Service Authority.  Marc does illustrations for websites, educational publications, children's books, logos, T-shirts and sports materials.   See

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