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The kit will tell you how to find festivals in your area, contact the organizers, offer to sponsor a showing and let them watch the screener.  Festivals are hungry for sponsors!  The 4 sponsors of our Minneapolis screening made that great event possible – and energized their own organizations! (See video.)   



A Film Festival can be as simple as showing several films at your club or organization.  Or if you want to get more elaborate, you can rent a theater – which can be surprisingly affordable!


Click here to see how easy it is to hold

a small film festival!

Call it “World Citizen Film Fest”, “Hopeful Films for a Better World”  “World Beyond War Film Fest” or whatever you want.    This is a great way to rally people in your community to your cause!


Here’s what you get in the kit (note: digital copies only for non-US addresses):

  • Film Festival Screener DVD – the full movie with a watermark to show to your board, members and volunteers to get them fired up about holding the fest.  


  • Full DVD with a light watermark to be sent to you when you have the date and time of your Festival. 

  • Q & A with Director or Team.  If you are among the first 50 to order this kit the Director Arthur Kanegis or Associate Producer Melanie Bennett will join you via Skype or Zoom for a live Q & A – schedule permitting.  Contact us about how you can bring them to your festival in person!


  • TRAILER with Martin Sheen and blub-- to embed into your website, blog or Facebook.


  • POSTCARD and POSTER TEMPLATES to promote your screening - with space to add the details for your event.

  • PHOTOS to use in your publicity and promotion​

  • Digital Banner - with info on printing to mount on a banner stand or on the wall.


  • Info on how you can have your own World Passport table for people to find out more about the World Passport, World Birth & Marriage Certificates and much more.

  • License valid until December 31, 2019
    to screen in: 

THEATERS:   A maximum of two screenings in movie theaters during the course of a single FilmFest to a total audience of up to 250 people.   

SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND LIBRARIES:   A maximum of two screenings in classroom or library FilmFests to audiences of up to 500 people.

COMMUNITY BUILDINGS & HOMES:   Up to 2 community FilmFest screenings as part of conferences or held in churches, community centers or other non-theatrical venues.

All this for only $149.00! 

And if you order now during our special Introduction,
only $99!

This kit will give your group a powerful tool to rally people to your cause - and raise funds as the same time! 

Buying it also gives us. as filmmakers, some of the funds needed to upgrade our license (for all the amazing historical film clips in our movie) from "festival" to "All rights and media" so we can show our film on television and get the film widely shown around the world​!

 Join us in this exciting adventure!




“Dear Arthur, 

 You did such a fantastic job weaving the past with the present. It’s an absolutely mesmerizing film, love it …. Great for Woodstock, such a good fit.   Martin Sheen is one of my all-time favorites. Between him and the amazing Garry Davis we are entering a world of true pioneers and leaders.

A great treat.” 

-Meira Blaustein, Co-Founder & Executive Director  Woodstock Film Festival


"The World is My Country’ expertly tells the story of the inspired and inspiring Garry Davis. The film is thoroughly absorbing - both thoughtful and entertaining in its approach.  Thank you, Arthur, for your unflagging determination to bring this important slice of history to the public’s attention." 

-Susan Smoluchowski, 

Executive Director, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival


“It’s unique and quite special! I say that as a tough critic  – I watch hundreds of submitted films each season, and this documentary is outstanding ... I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. As each new situation unfolded I found myself saying, "wow!"  The story is inspiring & entertaining, the direction & production values are very good & it has fine editing…. This film can inspire us all to join together to build a better world."  
-Elizabeth English, Founder & Executive Director, Moondance International Film Festival


“Each year we cull through 1,500 films submitted to our festival and ... another 500 recommendations from our sources around the world. As we debate the final selection of 150 features for our festival, each of our 10 programmers has at least one film that he or she will fight for.  This year, “The World is My Country” was mine.”

-Craig Rice, Lead Programmer, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival

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