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Cartoon of Garry Davis by Marc Hughes


What can I do to help get this film out?

 The next step is to raise distribution funds.

 Please donate what you can, visit our store and join our email list below!



make your check out to:

(So sorry, American dollars only)


Future WAVE Inc.

4645 Border Village Rd.


San Ysidro CA  92173

Future WAVE Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  

Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law

of the United States and...

an investment in our survival.

EIN: 23-2423251




Donate $1000

and have your Rotary Club, company or organization listed in the opening credits: 

"Additional funding by..." 


Donate $5,000

and have your name, company name and/or Logo shown and read aloud: 

"This Program made Possible By...." 


Donate $25,000

and get to run an informative 15 second clip about your company or organization!



All funding must meet the underwriting guidelines so contact me,

Arthur Kanegis, to talk about how you can be part of this exciting adventure.  


Please hurry since the program announcement
has already been sent out by NETA to all Public TV stations --

and we need to quickly provide the final film
before it's uploaded to all public TV stations. 
(NOLA Code: WIMC 000000 H1) 


Once again, the confidential link to see the film is  


The opening of the film is a draft -

until we can add more sponsors - so please don't post that confidential vimeo link online.


Sometimes what the world needs most is a new story. 


So thanks for joining us in promoting this exciting story
inspire the world to survive and thrive!

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