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The International Court of Justice, the judicial arm of the United Nations, ordered Russia to “suspend” military operations in Ukraine. The court’s preliminary order is binding under international law. Then why isn’t Russia complying?

“Because there is no enforcement of law above the nations which divide us,” says David Gallup, Esq. who heads the World Service Authority (WSA) in Washington, DC. Their World Citizen Government has a plan to change that.


Gallup serves on the Board of Citizens for Global Solutions - along with Advisory Council Member Ben Ferencz who was the chief prosecutor of the Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg in 1947. “There are some people who believe in the rule of force,” says Ferencz, who is now 102 years old, “that's what got us into the current situation. The only hope, really, is law, not war. That could save the world. That could put Putin behind bars. Three words: law, not war.”  

“Law not war is crucial,” says Gallup, “to avert the very real danger that the current situation could go nuclear and end life on Earth.”


Gallup is featured in the film The World Is My Country about World Citizen #1 Garry Davis (1921-2013) – who dared to interrupt the United Nations General Assembly to warn them that humanity must unite or perish. He sparked a movement that culminated with the UN’s unanimous declaration that everyone on Earth has universal rights.  


“We, all humans, must interrupt the warring of nation-states,” Gallup continued, “and make it illegal to kill people outside countries, just as it is inside. In other words, outlaw war.”


“We, the people, need to realize that we are the sovereigns who give governments their power,” Gallup continued. “Garry had a clear vision for how we can use that power to create citizen-based law above the nations that divide us.”

The World Service Authority is busy issuing World Passports and ID’s in response to desperate requests from Ukrainians, Russians, and others trying to escape the war zones. The documents are mandated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  


“Violence, oppression and war will continue as long as the unfettered power of sovereign nation-states remains unchecked, without a common world law beyond them,” Gallup said. “It’s time to embrace a nurturing, regenerative, and inclusive culture rather than a warrior culture. It’s time for the actualization of humanity as one.”


“Review copies of The World Is My Country, featuring Davis and Gallup, are available upon request:


“At the end of our film,” Director Arthur Kanegis said, “Davis presents a unique idea for how we, the people of Earth, can invent “smart-gov” an interactive tool to enable us to rise above our divisions and enforce world law.”

The film has played on PBS stations coast-to-coast prompting hundreds of excited viewer comments.” This year it’s slated for LinkTV - to be broadcast on DirecTV and the Dish network.

To hear more about WSA’s work and plan for citizen-based enforcement of world law, interview Gallup and film Director Arthur Kanegis.  For media interviews contact  (202) 638-2662

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