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Dear Film Fans-


I've got to take a break from promoting my own movie to tell you about Tarek Mounib's amazing movie. He's Egyptian, Canadian and a Muslim living in Switzerland -- a true world citizen!


He got this crazy idea to travel across America to Trump rallies and the heartland to challenge people -- to take a free trip to Egypt and try living with a Muslim family!  Can you imagine the fireworks?


Finally he was able to cobble together an unlikely group – a teacher, police officer, Marine Corps veteran, single mom, preacher and beauty pageant queen.


Can you picture Miss Kentucky housed with an orthodox Muslim family where the mother wears a burqa?


You've got to see this movie! It's one day only June 12 in 500 theaters across the country - including one near you. There will also be a panel discussion streamed from Washington DC after the show.

Please click below to find your theater.  And forward this email to everyone you know!

-- Arthur Kanegis
“The World Is My Country”























Arthur Kanegis will be hosting THE SCREENING at the Mission Valley AMC THEATER, San Diego and you can also host at the theater near you!

Please watch the trailer.  Tickets are going fast and you will want to be a part of this special event!


Trailer and tickets:


Please TELL everyone you know AND INVITE them to tell everyone they know!  Lets ripple this out!








Thank you so much!!!

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