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Esther Peter-Davis  Photo from The World is My Country film.

​Esther Peter-Davis passed away on 8 October 2022, at the age of 90.

In our movie "The World is My Country" Esther tells the story of how she mobilized the townspeople of Strasbourg to build Garry Davis a hut when he was stuck on the freezing cold borderline between France and Germany.  Neither country would give him a visa to enter since he had no passport.


They fell in love and married and had 3 beautiful children.


Esther Peter-Davis was an amazing person!  She confronted Winston Churchill about imperialism when she was just a child, went with Bayard Rustin to stand under the French nuclear test to help save humanity, co-founded Amis de la Terre [Friends of the Earth] and the Verts [the Greens], and founded the ECO-Conseil​ European Institute for Environmental Counseling​​.​

In honor of her extraordinary life we would like to share with you the conversation we had with her in her home in Strasbourg, France -- in the very early days of our club - way back in March 2018.

Esther with her son Troy


Esther with her son Kim

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