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The World Is My Country is coming to Public TV stations across the US!

For offer details and promotional assets visit the NETA Catalog Page

Educational toolkit & guide coming soon.


Watch Promos Presented by Martin Sheen

Promo #1 & Promo #2

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Screenshot_2021-03-16 The World is My Co

Make this broadcast a powerful outreach tool

for your club or organization!

Thanks to your generous donations to our GoFundMe and FutureWAVE, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we engaged Gabriella Jones-Litchfield, a top-notch Station Relations Representative to call and email programmers  and station managers in the top 50 markets.  


So far Over 100 Stations have scheduled it for Broadcast and more are coming every Day.   


While stations don't like to be nagged to show certain programs, they love community engagement.   


1.  Sponsor the local broadcast!  This can very cost effective way to reach the right demographic for your club or organization. 

2. Offer to promote the broadcast through newsletters, emails and Social Media.

3. Hold an online preview event to view the film in advance of broadcast and encouraged to help publicize and use the broadcast.

4. Sponsor a Q & A after the broadcast with the director or producer of the film.

5. Contact your audience or viewer services with your interest.  Stations usually list their audience/viewer services tel # on their sites and sometimes have an on-line form to fill in.  You could mention your connection to the film (if any) and why you would like to see it on air!



Here it is in the Catalog used by programmers to schedule local broadcasts:

Screenshot_2021-03-16 WORLD IS MY COUNTR

ALSO, here is the invitation that was sent to all U.S. public TV stations: 

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