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Martin Sheen proposes

series on World Citizen #1 Garry Davis!

Watch Martin Sheen proposing the series -- to be featured on a streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon or Apple TV+--


That can only happen if you donate generously to help us put together a professional services team and other resources needed to develop the series into reality!    

In a world torn apart by divisions and strife we all need a new story -- of world citizenship.  The old system is broken.  We need a powerful vision of how we, as diverse citizens of the world, can imagineer and build the new systems we need to create a regenerative and peaceful future for the well-being of all.

Please invite your friends and other people of action to join in this next phase of getting this out around the world!

Email us at FutureWaveFilms at

Arthur Kanegis informally chats with Martin Sheen 

after Martin is honored with the CGS Global Citizen Award

Martin Sheen mentions the series on Thom Hartmann 

Get the book "My Country is The World"

on Kindle!

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