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Uplift the world! -- and get your name, company or logo on TV


We are excited to announce that


is going to be broadcasting "The World is My Country" on satellite and cable in 2022


-- to 31 million homes including 4 million who watch regularly!   


57% report taking action on what they view on LINK TV. 

In addition, it will be sent out again to 
PBS affiliates nationwide!


If you (or someone you know) are interested in being one of our sponsors


(like those in the video - when it went out to over 100 PBS stations)


for $5k and up


please email us at

FutureWaveFilms at

Reaching Public TV audiences

is just the start. 


Join us in taking it Global - getting it shown on television networks

in other countries!

You can also just simply

donate to our




Support what you want to see

in the world!


Donate now to bring the world this inspiring story -- so we can all rise above the divisions and strife

and imagineer a future that works for everyone!

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