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So sorry you are having difficulty viewing the film!


Trouble entering password:

Did you enter the password we gave you -- all lowercase?

(Make sure your cap lock is not on.)


If that doesn't help...

Could you please tell us at what point you are getting stuck?

Here are the steps:


Step #1  Go to the link we sent you.



If you can’t get to the link by clicking on it, try copy and pasting it into your browser...

if it doesn't load then try it in a different browser (Chrome, Firefox,

Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.​)

​(If it works in a different browser, please let us know which one fails

so we can try to figure out why.​)


​Step #2  If it does load you should get a page with a form.

​​Simply type in ​your info and click on the "Submit" button 



Make sure your email address is correct and all the boxes are filled out.  


Step # 3 ​ When you click on the "Submit" button you are taken to another page, click on the "See the film" button  on that page and then you will see:

Once you ​type in the password (all lower case with no spaces)


You will be taken to the page that has the film.

Just click the play arrow and watch the film -

staying on for the survey of course!  :)



If the film stops and starts instead of playing smoothly (buffering),

you probably have low bandwidth,

or too many other things using up your bandwidth.  


Make sure all other browser windows are closed and delete cache files.


And if you have automatic backup programs or programs like Dropbox or Onedrive, check to see if they are backing up large files.  

If so, you may have to go to their settings to pause the backup

until you finish the film.


Ad blockers ​can also slow or stop playback

so you might have to temporarily disable those since we don't have any ads.


Make sure your computer's Firewall or settings are not blocking ​


You can also try taking your laptop and earphones to a place with a

strong WIFI like a coffee shop or library.​  


If you are still having trouble

or can give us any feedback on making this ​​process clearer, 

please email us at:

or call us at 1 801 R FUTURE 


Thank you so much!​

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