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WE-GOV:  From Protest to Power 

How do WE create Whole Earth governance

from the bottom up?

Audio Part 1
Audio Part 2
Audio Part 3


The old political systems are plunging us toward ecocide, nuclear war and extinction. The powers that be aren't going to fix things.


The only force powerful enough to save us is the sleeping superpower -- the combined will of the people of the Earth.  If, as the Declaration of Independence says, "It is the right of the people to... institute new government," then how do we, the people, build bottom up People-Powered World Law?  A virtual system of governance above the borders that divide us?   


Arthur Kanegis, director of the film "The World Is My Country", reveals the astounding TOP SECRET Garry Davis left to the world before his demise.


Listen to this talk, see clips from the movie, and discover why Albert Einstein said that Garry Davis grasped the key to whether humanity "will die by its own hand or continue to exist."   


Who is the hero who's going to save us?  You'll see Leonardo DiCaprio say that the hero is you!  

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To see Garry Davis' Radio Show in which he chatted with Arthur about this subject...scroll down to the bottom of our talks page

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