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Martin Sheen introduces our new film as "a roadmap to a better future."  


Just when our world needs us -- to come together like never before -- we see divisions tearing us apart: 

racism, sexism, nationalism, political systems breaking down and wars that never seem to end. 

All while our world plunges toward the twin catastrophes of ecocide - choking the very life systems that sustain life on Earth

-- or even "nukacide" - embroiling our planet in flames.


Sometimes things get so bad we need...

a new story!

A story that can inspire us with a whole new way of looking at our world

and give us a clue about how we can get out of this mess. 


Is the true story of World Citizen #1 Garry Davis that story?

Does it give us a clear vision of a way to rise up into a better world? 

Enjoy watching Garry's riveting adventure and then please fill out our survey

to let us know if our story gave you new hope for our future.  
Did it give you a chance to breathe?

Did you know that a massive People-Power Movement

helped prompt the United Nations to unanimously pass of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

And that a Broadway song and dance man sparked it with an audacious act of courage?


See the astonishing lost history of World Citizen #1 Garry Davis.


Watch it and discover your power!

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