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"The World is My Country" is going to be available to screen on public TV stations starting in December for Human Rights Week!!!
We need lots of supporters to call their local stations to request it to be shown (each station manager does their own programming).


There couldn't be a more crucial time for this important story.  Even as many feel they are awakening from a multi-year nightmare -- finally able to breathe -- they awaken to a world that is still seriously broken -- far from a dream future.   


People are hungry for a vision of a better way.


That's why we're pleased to broadcast "The World Is My Country".  


Martin Sheen, contributed the promo below and says Garry's story "can become a powerful source of inspiration for all humankind."


Now take a look at the first few minutes of the film that will be shown on Public Broadcasting Stations across the nation -- and feel our gratitude!


We are so grateful to you and others who have made this film possible.  


The movie tells the inspiring true story of how one man arose from the pain of bombing a city and of fearing he'd be ordered to nuke Moscow -- to reinventing himself as World Citizen # 1 -- living in a new space above the borders that divide us.  


From the vantage point of that new space Garry Davis gives us a powerful "roadmap to a better future" Sheen says, the key to how we can be empowered save our world.


We need more sponsors - funders who can give us the resources we need to promote the film widely and get millions of viewers.  With such funding we can ensure that this film is well publicized and carried by public television stations across the nation!


So please let your friends know that they'll be able to see their name alongside yours at the opening of the film -- if they join us now at the $1,000, $5000 or $25,000 level.


Donate $1000

and have your Rotary Club, company or organization listed in the opening credits: 

"Additional funding by..." 


Donate $5,000

and have your name, company name and/or Logo shown and read aloud --

"This Program made Possible By...." 


Donate $25,000

and get to run an informative 15 second clip about your company or organization!




All funding must meet the underwriting guidelines so contact me,

Arthur Kanegis at,

to talk about how you can be part of this exciting adventure.  


Please hurry since the program announcement has already been sent out by NETA to all Public TV stations  

and we need to quickly provide the final film before it's uploaded to all public tv stations. 

(NOLA Code: WIMC 000000 H1) 


Once again, the confidential link to see the film is  


The opening of the film is a draft - until we can add more sponsors - so please don't post that confidential Vimeo link online.


Sometimes what the world needs most is a new story. 

So thanks for joining us in promoting this exciting story to inspire the world to survive and thrive!

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